Healing Pyramids


A healing pyramid harnesses high-vibrational energy. It radiates your intentions through its apex, giving immense power to manifest them. We use small energy healing pyramids for charging jewellery and amplifying intentions, while we use larger healing pyramids for meditation.
Each of the pyramids are made from a different crystals, chose which one you are most drawn too.
Shungite-Shungite is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of purifying energy. It would absorb needless energy and make it clean. This is the best gemstone to use when you want to reform yourself. It may help you to make a smooth restart.
Red Jasper-Red Jasper is a strong spiritual grounding vibration, this is good for people concerned about spiritual well being and healing.
Carnelian- Carnelian is a stone of motivation, endurance, leadership and courage.

Healing Pyramids