Psychic Reading Call With John Hughes

A personal 1-to-1 reading with John either in your own home, at Johns private studio, phone call or a WhatsApp video call.

A remote reading with John is just as amazing as a reading in the room with him, and perfect for these difficult times.

  • 15 minute reading – £30
  • 30 minute reading – £50
  • 45 minute reading – £65
  • 60 minute reading – £95
  • 30 minute home visit – £70
  • 60 minute home visit – £100
  • Psychic Cleansing – £30


Find Your Inner
Peace & Tranquility

Connect with Departed Loved Ones

After a psychic reading with John, his clients feel stronger, and find an inner peace which has previously been impossible to find. John will connect with your loved ones and channel their emotions and messages through to you.


Plan For The Future

Using his extraordinary skills John will help you plan for the future by highlighting key areas of strength and weakness for you. He will help guide your way in this world to ensure your ongoing happiness.


Manage and Understand Relationships

John will assist you in understanding current, past and future relationships. He can assist in helping you come to terms with break ups or discover new relationships. He is your guide and your mentor to help you though your challenges.



Learn About John Hughes

John Hughes, Psychic Medium, is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums and has been practicing the art
of mediumship for well over 40 years, and is the founder of the ‘We Are Namaste’ group based in the West
Midlands UK.
John has travelled extensively around the world in a career including the USA, all across Europe, Australia
and many others lending his unique intuition and guidance to people who need it. This includes many onscreen
and sporting personalities and celebrities.

Every one of John’s Psychic readings are personal and connected with you. He can assist you in finding inner pease, tranquility, plan for the future or explain unknown situations in your life.
He is your spiritual guide and mentor, there to support you throughout all the challenges that this life can bring.


What John’s Customers
Say About Their Readings

I visited John today for a reading and my goodness I was blown away! I have had readings before but they didn’t feel as personal as this one. John took his time to make sure that all the information that came through was accurate and he was very sensitive towards the personal issues that were bought up. After my reading I felt a strength come over me that made me feel loved and supported. I cannot thank John enough for my reading and I will definitely be using him as my trusted psychic from now on. 

Leah Lewis

Very good reading. He got things that no one would have new. Nicknames and things we would do as a family. John made me feel at ease and settled l. Will definitely be going back 😊

Josie Studdarts

A friend recommended me to see John Hughes. I was quite sceptical at first as I have never believed in anything like this.I went along with an open mind and I can honestly say I was amazed at how accurate he was. It wasn’t until I got home and made a call to my sister that I realised just how brilliant he really was – my sister clarified even more things that I had been told and was unsure about. This guy is amazing and very gifted. The shop has some lovely spiritual gift ideas and such a lovely atmosphere there. Very helpful staff and will absolutely be going again soon!

Peter Shipton